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Batak Reaction Test

A reaction time test using a Batak light board, in which the participant has to strike randomly lit buttons in the sshortest possible time.


purpose: to measure a person's ability to see, process and react to visual information quickly

equipment required: BATAK light board (see image)

pre-test: Explain the test procedures to the subject. Prepare forms and record basic information such as age, gender and test conditions. Record preferred hand. 

procedure: Participants stand comfortably in front of the BATAK board. Light buttons are lit randomly, and the subject must strike out as many as possible in the allocated time (30 or 60 seconds). As soon as one target is struck the next target lights up. Plenty of practice is very important, as performance can increase rapidly in the first few attempts.

BATAK reaction board

Routines: There are several different routines that can be run on the BATAK system. Here are just a few.

*Accumulator — randomly lit targets over 30 seconds & 60 seconds

*Batakathon — 3 minutes of randomly lit targets. The targets remain on until struck out. The user sets the pace – slow – or – fast – or – speedup. Ideal for warm-up sessions.