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Light Sensor Switch

  •  Light Sensor Switch  is a unique & Innovative product for Electrical power saving, which can turn ON or turn OFF light by automatically according to ambient-light.
  •  It can control the load while working at night and can be used to power load light garden lights and street lights.

Note: Ambient-temperature and humidity can't affect & Design can be vary as per availability of enclosure.








Hardware Features               

  •  AC 220V operation.                                       
  • Power OFF delay time is 5-Second
  • Bimetallic Relay to insure electrical switching.
  • Automatically light off at daytime and light on at night.
  • Compact, reliable lighting control consists of Snap action.
  • Built in light sensor which can identity day and night by itself.



  • Ambient Light: 5-50Lux.
  • Power Consumption: Max 0.5W.
  • Working Temperature: -20~+50°c.
  • Delay Off Time: 10-Second approx.
  • Rated Load Current Power: 5A-1100W.
  • Operating Voltage: AC 180~250V (50Hz/60/Hz).

Package Contains                         

  •  Light Sensor Switch with Clamp
  • User Manual.


  •  Home, Office, Apartment, Department & Hotels.