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Capacitive Touch Regulator Switch 

CTS Regulator is a unique & Innovative modular style Capacitive Touch Switch with Regulator feature, means user can control switch with Touch & and vary speed of connected fan or control intensity of light connected through it (Light which support Traic Dimming). Its a modular style design which can easly replace your current modular switch to add Regulator/Dimming feature.

Speed /Dimming level indicate through diffrent colors of LED.

  •  Red Color LED = Low Speed/Dimming.
  •  Violet Color LED = Mid Speed/Dimming.
  •  Blue Color LED = High Speed/Dimming.






Hardware Features               

  •  AC 220V operation.                                       
  •  Support load upto 440W. 
  •  Stylish modular design (Anchor Roma)
  • Capacitive touch functioning & Shock proof.
  • Easily replacement of normal Power Switch.
  •  In build Memory to remind its stage (On/Off).
  •  In build Relay based solid state switching circuit.
  • Can be used as Fan Regulator or as Light Dimmer.
  •  LED indication for switch status ON/Off and Level.
  • Inbuild SMPS power supply souce to drive complete circuit.
  •  Microcontroller based circuit for precise & error free operation.
  •  It have three level of Speed/Dimming (LOW=Red, MID=Violet & HIGH=Blue) Led.
  • Support 220V operated CFL, BULB & other light which able to connect with switch.

Package Contains                         

  •  Capacitive Touch Regulator Switch.
  • User Manual.


  •  Home, Office, Apartment, Department & Hotels.