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WIFI RGB Controller 

This a low cost , to control RGB Led Strip of any RGB lights. It work offline so no need for internet connection to control your RGB lights color & its fade effect. It's a Smart controller with easy installation option. Multiple controller can control through single app at single click.





  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC.
  • Load Capacity: 2A Each Channel.
  •  Power Rating: 24Watt Each Channel.
  • Fade Speed Level: Total Ten Fade Level.
  • Working Technology/Protocl: WIFI/UDP.

Hardware Features               

  •  Work on WIFI Technology.                                       
  •  In build regulated supply.
  •  12V DC operation of device.
  •  Total Load drive 72Watt, each channel 24Watt.
  • Offline operation, means no need for internet.
  •  Compact design with easy connection to any RGB LED Strip or Lights.
  •  Multiple device can connect in same premiss & control through single app.
  •  Multiple user can control single RGB controller, who are on same network.
  •  Device support ten fading speed levels, when device is working on Auto Mode.
  • Dual mode of operation Normal & Fade mode (Auto Mode in which color change random).
  • Device have In build Memory to remind its stage (On/Off) & Mode of operation with fade speed level.
  •  UDP protocol supported with auto search option to configure device first time.
  •  Device have reset switch to delete previous configuration detail store in controller.
  • Device auto connect with WIFI network after every restart with whom it configured once & if it do not found network than keep on searching to get connect with Led indication.
  • Device have LED to show status of controller. Device is configured or not, Device is connected with network & Device is in normal working stage or in reset mode.

Package Contains                         

  •  WIFI RGB Controller
  • User Manual.


  •  Home, Office, Apartment, Department & Hotels.