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Proximity RFID Access & Attendance System 

  •  This is Wiegand  RFID  based Access + Attendance  system.  This system  support  three  125Khz Wiegand26 reader, which can be  installed  in  three gate to control movement of pedestrian and to collect Attendance of user when card punch. Distance of individual reader from controller can be Max~50 meters.
  • Same device  can be used  to grant access  to authorized  person  &  same  time mark attendance. This system is bundle  with software application which will be run at server  side.  


Hardware Features               

  •  Reader: Support 3 WIEGAND 125Khz Tag Reader.                                        
  •  Mode: Offline mode option (Permanent PC not required.
  •  Display: 16x2 Alphanumeric display for Clock & Information.
  •  Device: Device can be used as Attendance System + Access System.
  • Communication Protocol: TCP/IP & Pushdata Local / Internet / Cloud.   
  •  Clock: In-bulid RTC (Real Time Clock) to run devices with updated time.
  •  Alarm: In-build buzzer in RFID Reader for Indication of RFID Tag detection. 
  •  Memory: 8GB in-build Flash Memory for data logging , can be expand upto 16GB. 
  •  Indication: Device has option to inetrface Indication Red/Green lights for indication.
  • Optional Interface: Option to interface non potential signal of fire sensor to open gate during Fire. 


Software Features               

  •  Apllication can be run on Windows XP, 7, 8.0, 8.1 & above.                        
  •  Application supported free My SQL database.
  •  Help to manage Attendance + Access records.
  •  Easy registration of new Employees/Students.
  • Easily deletion of register members. 
  •  Leave manage option of Employees/Students.
  •  SMS sending facility to register & to un-register members.
  •  Date wise log downlod facility which store at device Flash memory. 
  •  Gate permission of any Card/Tag can be set through software and this permission info will save in device, so no need to connect PC for further operation (Gate will be open through tag which have permission and log will save for the same).
  • Auto Attendance & Access log download to database as device connected with server and same time internal clock of device update with system time.

Package Contains                         

  •  RFID Controller + Three WIEGAND RFID Reader .
  • 12V/2A Power Adapter.
  • Optional (LED Lights, Magnetic gate lock).
  • Clamp plate with screw to hang over wall.
  •  PC Software & User Manual.


  •  Home, Office, Apartment, Department & Hotels.





Note: Devcie & Software can be Customized as per requirement.