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Smart Lock ESL-06   

  • Sunit for right and left Door Handel.
  • Manual Latch at back to lock/unlock manually.
  •  Easy to install over 38-55mm Wooden gate, No wire connection is needed.
  • The most convenient way of unlocking: Tap RFID tag and press handel to open gate.









  •  Unlock Ways: RFID & Key.
  •  Lock Body: ANSI Mortise Type.
  •  Reading Range: Less than 3 Cm.
  •  Quiescent dissipation: Less than 15mA.
  •  Alert: Low working voltage alarming function.
  •  Material: Superior Strength & Durability: made of  Stainless Steel.
  •  Power Source: 4 AA alkline battery operated, last 16,000 times unlock.



01 Convenience 

  •  Easily change IC lock to RF Lock.
  • Mechnical override key in place of power out.
  • Optional Card: Philips M1fare card or Atmel temic encrypted card








02 Security 

  •  ANSI/EURO standard mortise, anti -pick & anti-friction design.
  • Integrate sealed PCB- Water proof, Dust proof, Shock proof & protect the electronic component.

03 Reliability 

  •  Card Encryption, Make your hotel more secure. 

Package Contains                         

  •  RFID Lock + Mortise .
  • 4 AA Battery.
  •  User & Installation  Manual.


  •  Hotels.